Girls going into Year 7 

Thank you Jo. I was really struggling with my girls anxiety leading into Year 7. It’s was all coming out in anger and bickering. So hard to manage. Your kind, simple explanations and activities have helped them understand how their brains work. How it’s ok to feel a lot of these emotions, accept them, challenge them and access their rational brain again to solve things. They are calmer, more confident and considered now. I think all children would be lucky to have sessions with you.

Family with a son aged 7 

Jo has worked with our family on several occasions with child centred and individually tailored sessions. They have greatly helped our child with their emotional needs and have helped us as parents to have a better understanding and given us lots of ideas to implement in our everyday family life. Thank you Jo!

Family with boy aged 7

What Jo teaches should be on the school curriculum! Her 1-2-1 sessions opened up our whole families to a new and calmer way of life, we can not thank her enough. It is a wonderful experience to increase your child’s exposure to relaxation and wellbeing techniques that will last them a lifetime.

Girl aged 11 – Weekly Community Classes

I really enjoyed relax with Jo. I found it very calming and fun. One thing I specifically liked was when we were able to create our own games for the session. I’d really recommend it to anyone especially someone looking for something fun and relaxing to do.
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Girl aged 8 – Weekly Community Classes

Thank you for your help too, it helps me to have a focus and understand how I can best support her at home too.
I’m so glad we found you, you really do make a difference

Mum – with son aged 9 – Parent Sign Off

Dear Jo,
I am truly thankful and we will miss you. I wish you well – you are such an amazing human being xxx

Parent Sign Off Review

Thanks very much for the help you have given R, E and myself over the last year.
Just to say we will be practicing the skills we have learnt with Rupert at home. And he is currently using his monster emotions book.
Thanks very much again for your excellent help, and we will keep recommending you to friends
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Relax kids sessions with Jo have been fantastic for both of my children. Jo took time to get to know them and identify what would “work” for them each individually with age appropriate activities. She is a very intuitive teacher and her sessions are a great mix of teaching the theory of what is happening inside our bodies when we feel stressed (how the brain reacts etc), practical exercises, affirmations and relaxation techniques. Throughout the course of the sessions I have seen the positive changes in both of my children as they approach and cope with tricky situations in a much calmer and less fearful way. Although they may still react to certain situations, I have noticed that they can calm themselves down more efficiently and restore the balance quickly. The learning and understanding they have gained from these sessions will be lifelong, and I know that they will use the techniques and understanding gained from Jo in many situations to come. Every child should have the opportunity to be a relaxed kid – thank you Jo for everything, I’m truly so very grateful!


My 9-year old daughter Emily has been attending relax kids sessions with Jo and absolutely loves them. She thoroughly enjoys going to the sessions and I’m just so happy that she has a place to explore big feelings and emotions as she hasn’t always been happy to work through emotions with me at home. With Jo she is learning the science and biology of how and why feelings happen and how she can take care of her her mental well-being in a positive way. Jo uses tools which are taught to her at a level which is appropriate for her age and most importantly fun! She has previously struggled with expressing her emotions and this has in the past lead to meltdowns at home. I’ve noticed a big reduction in meltdowns and Emily seems to be able to regulate herself much better than before. Emily adores Jo, and also participated in one-to-one sessions remotely during lockdown which were a big help during a stressful time. Jo is absolutely fantastic with the kids, warm, kind, caring and fun and really knows how to connect on their level to get the best out of them. I think relax kids is so important in teaching all children the importance of good mental well-being, and tools that they learn here will stand them in good stead as they grow up and become adults in our busy, and at times stressful world. I can’t recommend Jo and relax kids highly enough.

Ally P

Jo was/ is absolutely incredible with our son, he absolutely loved going to her sessions. Jo helped us to understand him better and why he might be responding the way he did to situations giving us different strategies to try with him. She is very passionate and knowledgeable about what she does and we always felt she genuinely cared about him and helping him find his way in the world. We would not hesitate to recommend Jo.

Emma S
Facebook Review

Our daughter initially had 1:1 sessions with Jo and then joined the relax with Jo community class. She enjoyed her weekly sessions and learnt a variety of techniques to help her to deal with anxiety, confidence, resilience, and how to manage emotional outbursts. She loved all the props that Jo introduced each week and was keen to come home and tell me what she had learnt. Jo is a fab teacher and was always available to discuss any issues and do home visits where needed. The outcome of this programme is that we now have a child who is more confident, able to deal better with the pressures and expectations of school, issues with her peers, accepting boundaries etc.. we still have the occasional meltdown but she now has the tools to deal with them. Thanks Jo.

Julia K
Facebook review

I have worked with Jo in the past and she is a wonderful, kind, caring and supportive teacher. She has a wonderful passion for helping children and understands the importance of emotional self-care and teaching children to look after themselves. Definitely recommend!

Mesh F
Facebook review

Jo is so friendly and approachable. We feel Jo really understands our son, and works so well with him to get the best from him in each session. The techniques he has learnt in a very short time, and advice Jo has given us has really helped us as a family. I really recommend Jo at Relax Kids!

Lydia B
Facebook review

Jo has been absolutely fabulous and has really supported my daughter who has suffered during lockdown. Thank you so much for all your help – we will definitely stay in touch!

Emilia W
Facebook review

Our son recently completed a course with Jo. He really enjoyed it and found the techniques taught to be very helpful. I’m sure these will be life skills and I would highly recommend Jo and her classes.

Kathryn Anne
Facebook review

I worked with Jo in a primary school setting for many years, and she is such a lovely lady. Jo is so nurturing and caring; she always takes time to get to know each individual child and understand their specific needs. Her enthusiasm is infectious! I would highly recommend Relax with Jo

Lisette K
Facebook review

Our son has loved Jo’s classes.
We’ve seen a big improvement in his ability to handle emotions as well.
Jo is professional, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and above all, very kind.
I would thoroughly recommend Jo and her classes, either 121 or a community class

Laura D
Facebook review

Jo did a session with my eldest daughter shortly before she started reception. It was brilliant, and has given us all some brilliant tools for times of worry or uncertainty. Starting school was a big step for my little worrier, and having ways for little ones to explore feelings is so important. Jo is a wonderful lady who immediately bonded with my daughter and put her at ease. The activities were planned around her age and interests so she loved it! I just wish we lived closer and could do this regularly. I’d really recommend It.

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