Who can come to a Relax Kids Course or Class?

My classes and courses are open to children who may;

  • Struggle to relax their busy bodies
  • Have emotional support needs (anger management, separation anxiety, trouble sleeping)
  • Want to know how to boost their own self-esteem and confidence
  • Further their knowledge of relaxation techniques
  • To increase and support their mental health and wellbeing
  • Want to learn in a group rather than 1-2-1
  • Need guidance with becoming more in control of their thoughts and emotions
  • Want to flourish and radiate happiness!

What’s behind Relax with Jo classes?

Lots of parents ask me this and I’m always happy to share and enlighten parents how my Relax Kids classes run. As Relax with Jo grows, I’m feeling I’m able to offer more bespoke individualised classes however my journey into my business started with myself qualifying to be a Relax kids coach. It will always hold a special place as my catalyst for myself becoming a well-being children’s coach.

I’m now able to fully adapt and coach your child with many areas of anxiety/ confidence / calming support, so I like to think of it as my level 1 entry into supporting families. These areas feel very natural to me, So I’m growing and flourishing too.

I would say this is the backbone in which I follow but as many coaches evolve, we quickly make it my own.

I create my lesson plans filled with appropriately aged learning objectives.
I’m mindful of the ages and stages of your child. Giving your Child an opportunity to discover parts of their brain they never knew and how it links to their physical symptoms to their emotions. So emotional support and development alongside techniques to calm down some of those unwanted stress triggers. Coaching the children in a fun, interactive and sensitive way. Weaving my passion of working with children into all my classes.

I love the 7 step programme that Relax Kids, the successful global company, offers. The children have lots of fun. I take your child from a high energy state all the way to calm in 7 steps.
I love all that it stands for – giving children coping skills and enjoying being able to self soothe and calm.

I have 20 years experience of working with children and after 2.5 years of running my community classes alongside private home courses, I feel I can offer the very best intentions for your child, to flourish and grow mentally. A safe space for them to develop their emotional awareness and general well-being. Some children have been with me a while now and just they just love the class. How great is that!

I thought I would share some of this information that may help you to decide if it’s right for your child. Knowledge is key after all.

*My bespoke classes, workshops and private home coaching may have elements from a Relax Kids class.

How can Relax with Jo help?

  • Offering weekly community classes in Oakley and Whitchurch during term time
  • Bespoke 1-2-1 home classes and courses are available to suit your child’s needs.
  • Carefully planned fun themed classes
  • On-going support available
  • A coach that understands how hard it can be!
  • A safe space for your child to flourish and grow
  • Zoom / online sessions and calls are available
  • Resources, books, songs and CD’s can be brought to support your child’s class too.

What will we learn?

  • Your child will be able to recognise and understand more emotional language
  • Understand the key parts in our brain that connect our body and have a huge impact on our feelings, actions and emotions. Using the proven 7-steps Relax Kids technique in all classes and courses.

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