Let's build resilience together

This NEW class will help your child to learn how to deal with challenges positively.

We will explore the parts of our brain that controls our various reactions, responses and memory. Helping your child to build strong relations is the foundation of your child’s resilience. This is an adaptation to the 7 C’s of resilience by child paediatrician Dr Ginsburg.

These workshops can also cater for groups of friends, and family as an adaptation of the full course.

(Please note – that the following course layout is just an example of what your child can expect. I would love to work with you to make the session bespoke to what your child needs for 1-2-1’s)

  • Competence – learn the ability to know how to handle stressful situations effectively.
  • Confidence – Children learn this by being able to demonstrate their competence in real situations
  • Connection – Children that are connected to family, friends and community groups and likely to have a strong sense of security and belonging.
  • Character – To help your child get in touch with their core values and how to strengthen their self-esteem.
  • Contribution – If children experience personally contributing to the world, they can learn the powerful lesson that the world is a better place because they are in it. Hearing the ‘Thank yous’ and appreciation will increase their mindfulness to take action and make choices to improve the world around them.
  • Coping – Children who have a wide range of coping skills are able to cope more effectively and are better prepared to overcome lives challenges. Stress reduction skills and social skills for coping with everyday life challenges.
  • Control – When children realise that they can have control over their decisions and actions, they are more likely to know how to maintain and manage their choices in a way that they can bounce back. How they can think and how to act determine the outcomes based on these choices.


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