Brilliant Me!

Help your child to recognise just how brilliant they are!

Over the weeks of the course, we will be learning about the emotional connections between our brains and our bodies. Through Brilliant Me, your child will discover new ways to bring calm to their minds and bodies.

(Please note – the following course layout is just an example of what your child can expect. I would love to work with you to make the session bespoke to what your child needs for 1-2-1’s)

  • Week 1 – Icebreaker and introduction to the course and how they can achieve self-esteem boosting techniques
  • Week 2 – My Brilliant Brain pt.1
  • Week 3 – My Brilliant Brain pt.2
  • Week 4 – My Brilliant Heart
  • Week 5 – My Brilliant Personality
  • Week 6 – My Brilliant Understanding
  • Week 7 – My Brilliant Vagus Nerve
  • Week 8 – My Brilliant Self
  • Week 9 – My Brilliant Body
  • Week 10 – Stretching, mindfulness and calming breathing techniques
  • Week 11 – Putting it all into action, mindful chocolate and a quiz!


Please contact me for more information on prices for community classes and/or 1-2-1 sessions