Bespoke Chill Skills Sessions

Taking time to chill and check-in

Chill Skills is a course aimed for children that are 7+ years old, each session will include relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, self-massage techniques, affirmations, mindfulness and visualisations. It also includes coaching topics related to developing healthy mental wellbeing whilst raising self-esteem.

This 6 week Chill Skills course does include a free consultation and post-course check-in.

A typical course could look like;

(Please note that these are just examples – I would love to work with you to make the course bespoke to what your child needs)

  • Understanding the functions of key parts of the upper and lower parts of our brain and the nervous system and introduction to the rest of the course.
  • Introduction to the Vagus Nerve and Vagual Tone
  • Visualisation – seeing is believing – the power of our mind
  • Responding – awareness of your choice to respond to situations
  • Happiness – staying in your power and how not to give your power away
  • Self-belief and the power of Affirmations


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