Meet Your Monster Emotions

Help your child to manage their monster feelings during this fun community class!

In our world, monster feelings are springing up all over the place. Sometimes they encourage us to hide away from them, sometimes they overwhelm us and we don’t feel in control. Meet your Monster Emotions and befriend them!

This is a great course for children who may struggle to fully understand their emotions, learn how to deal with them in a fun way!

Ages: 5-7 & 7-11 year olds

Example of what you can expect on each week on the 10 week course

  • Meet the emotion monsters
  • Worry Monster
  • Anger Monster
  • Fear Monster
  • Sadness Monster
  • Monster Mash-up
  • How to choose to respond to the monsters
  • How to say calm
  • Affirmations and Positive Thinking
  • How to make a worry box and/or calm box


Please contact me for more information on prices for community classes and 1-2-1 sessions