Bespoke 1-2-1 Sessions and Courses

Your child may benefit from a bespoke and individualised themed course. I have several courses available for all ages between KS1 and KS2.

Learning at home can be comforting for children. Accepting a wellbeing coach into your home can bring a safe space for your child to learn and grow.

Identifying the anxieties and worries of your child is any main concern and being able to identify an emotion that is causing your child’s discomfort can be a huge relief to your child. Once they can name and acknowledge their emotions and start to accept them, they quickly realise that they can, with support, manage them in a way that suits them. Knowing their triggers is key and knowing that all emotions are acceptable but not all behaviours!

1-2-1 sessions give your child time for themselves and to be fully immersed in the sessions in the comfort of their own lounge or room.

Key focuses and topics will include;

  • Physical changes
  • Emotional changes
  • How can we regulate better
  • Why is it important to know about the key parts of our brain
  • How can we train ourselves to stay calm

Courses and Classes

Take a look at the courses and classes here

From superheroes and time machine adventures to calming chill and chat sessions – there’s a community class to suit all ages! Take a look to see what sessions I’m currently running and where.